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"I have attended a couple of your presentations. Really got a lot out of them. It's rare that a one day program can impact what you do so profoundly"

Kyle McCrea DDS Richmond, TX.

"My accountant and I met this week in prep for tax season. Since I started with the Implant Educators group my office has morphed BIG TIME." THANK YOU!!!!

Peter Drews DDS. Lewiston, ME.

Our Comprehensive Implant Continuum features Guided Implant Surgery

 " Training Wheels for Implant Placement™ "

“Mentorship is the key to learning” Our co-directors will continue to help you long after you have finished the course. This ongoing support makes us different. Implant Educators looks forward to helping you to reach your goals in implant dentistry. When you learn why, when and how to place and restore dental implants, you can easily incorporate them into your practice. It is exciting for the dentist and extremely beneficial to the patients.

At Implant Educators we firmly believe that high quality comprehensive care is what every dentist should strive for. It is our duty to our patients as well as to ourselves. It is the responsibility of all dentists to be educated in dental implants so as to be able to share this information with their patients. Dental implants are fast becoming standard of care to prevent the further loss of bone in edentulous areas as well as to replace missing teeth. Informed consent can only truly be achieved if both the dentist and the patient are educated on all the treatment options.

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4745 SW 148th Ave #302

Davie, Fl 33330

PH: 954-319-5606

FAX: 954-206-2218


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We offer a variety of courses from a full 7 month implant continuum to one day courses on a variety of implant and dental topics.

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