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We offer a variety of courses from a full 6 month implant continuum to one day courses on a variety of implant and dental topics.

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3D course - Masterclass for Surgical Guides

Learn how to fabricate a guide that will allow you to accurately place an implant in 10 minutes using this fully guided technique to drill every step and even place the implant through the guide. This technique can be used with any implant system. Use your current implant system


In Office Clear Aligners for less than $200 per Case

Be on the cutting edge of Dentistry. Learn how to use current software and hardware to design and fabricate clear orthodontic aligners to treat appropriate cases.


3D Course- In Office Restorative with free software

Learn how to incorporate 3D printing, the fastest growing trend in dentistry today into your dental offi ce for under $1500 with the use of Free Digital Software. You and your team can introduce this technology into your offi ce predictably and cost eff ectively to 3D Print Models, Temporaries, Custom Trays, Surgical Guides and more

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Fast Track Digital Dentures

Learn how to generate 3D printed dentures, models, post-processing, and finishing procedures. A demonstration of techniques including fabrication of a denture using optical scanning, software design, 3d printing, processing procedures, characterization, and delivery of the prostheses.

6 month Comprehensive Implant Continuum

The Comprehensive Implant Continuum is our complete implant training course. Six weekends of implant treatment planning, workshops, hands-on training and live surgeries guided by our nationally recognized team of instructors

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