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In Office Restorative 3D with Free Software

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Learn how to incorporate 3D printing, the fastest growing trend in dentistry today into your dental office for under $1500 with the use of Free Digital Software. You and your team can introduce this technology into your offi ce predictably and cost eff ectively to 3D Print Models, Temporaries, Custom Trays, Surgical Guides and more.

Course Outline

What is a Digital File

MeshMixer Intro

Digital extraction Digital Pour - Video Meshmixer

Blue Sky Bio Introduction and Setup

Digital Pour - BSB 

Printer Live Demonstrations

Printing – Anycubic Slicer – Hands on & Exercises

Printing – Chitubox - Hands on & Exercises

Printing Phrozen – Sonic Mini & Sonic Mini 8k

Digital Orthodontic Printing Form 2 and Photon

3D Printing Temps


Custom Trays & Bite Rims

NightGuards  with D3 Splint or Meshmixer
Christian Brenes Tooth Library Setup

MeshMixer Wax up

BSB Wax up

Printing Surgical Guides


Digital Denture Workflows

Denture Duplication

Denture Fabrication – Single and 2 Piece


BSB Hybrid Case Workflows

Hands on Staining and Glazing 

Dr. Bally will introduce you to free software and recommend printers that can be used to proficiently print 3D Dental models, temporaries, wax ups, surgical guides, and more for in under an hour.


Requirements: A laptop (Windows or Mac with a 64 bit operating system) will be required for the software training.

Location & Dates:

 1 Day Course

2024- New!

Saturday- June 8, 2024 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saturday- February 10, 2024 Vancouver, CA


Saturday November 4, 2023- In Person or Live Stream

Saturday April 29, 2023- In Person or Live Stream



Friday October 7, 2022- Live Stream

Friday May 13, 2022- Live Stream

Friday February 11, 2022- Live Stream


Friday October 29, 2021- Live Stream

Friday, July 16, 2021- Live Stream

Friday March 5, 2021- Live Stream


Friday, October 16, 2020- Live Stream

Friday, August 7, 2020- Live Stream

Friday April 24, 2020- Fort Lauderdale, FL 


Friday, December 13. 2019- Fort Lauderdale, FL

Friday November 15, 2019- Houston, TX

Friday August 23, 2019- Fort Lauderdale, FL

Friday August 9, 2019- Las Vegas, NV

Friday April 5, 2019- Ft Lauderdale


Friday November 2, 2018- Ft Lauderdale

Friday September 14, 2018- Ft Lauderdale

Tuition: $895-$1100

8 CE Hours

Implant Educators Academy
Nationally Approved PACE Program
Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by
any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.
06/01/2022 to 05/31/2024
Provider ID# 322389

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